Ernesto RPG - A Side Project

First of all, I'll be straightforward: Storyteller will be put on development hold for a couple months. But it's for a good reason!

I love Storyteller, I think it's an important game and I want it to be released soon, but I've been working on it for three years now and I am starting to feel creatively numb from always dealing with the same project. There are a few important things to work out before I am able to release it, so there's no way I can rush it to completion. Storyteller still needs time and more hard work to be a great game.

It happened that recently I decided to take a week to make a small game and thus "Ernesto RPG" was born. After releasing it into the wild, I realized that there might be upsides to turning it into a tiny commercial game:

  • It will take my designer mind off of Storyteller for a while, allowing me to go back to it from a different perspective.
  • Releasing commercially means Ernesto will have to go through the same releasing pipeline that Storyteller will have to go through; by then, I will be more experienced.
  • Ernesto reminded me how I felt when I started with Storyteller. I have been in a very good mood since I started it.

Does this mean Storyteller is cancelled?

Not at all! "My Game" is still Storyteller, it's the best game I've ever made and I could not abandon it even if I tried. But I'd like to take some time off and I believe it will benefit Storyteller in the long run.

When is Storyteller development going to resume?

As soon as the heavy-duty development of Ernesto is finished. I am aiming for less than 3 months. To know when this happens, follow this blog, follow my twitter, or better yet,

(It will be updated very frequently)


  1. I played to Storyteller at AIIDE 2013, and I know it will be awesome!
    Take your time, have a break and ship us a well-polished game when you're ready, man.

  2. Played it a lot a while ago. Great game I must say, has some really interesting parts.
    I don't play it a lot now due to it little saturated me, however maybe I play it again.

    Thanks for the share!


  3. Gotta say it's really disappointing you haven't continued focusing on storyteller yet...
    I feel like it could have been out by now.

  4. sprawdz czy byles juz tutaj! jezeli nie wszystko przez toba!

  5. Szukasz odpowiednich zabiegów dla siebie? Zależy tobie na dobrej depilacji za rozsądna cene? No to juz znalazłeś depilacja laserowa poznań kliknij a nie pozalujesz. Ja jestem bardzo zadowolona i to od dłuższego czasu. Brawo i jeszcze brawo. Nie urkywam ze długo szukałam odpowiedniego miejsca w którym mogę poddać się depilacji laserowej jednak w końcu mi się udało.

  6. Still being made?

  7. Shame, game had potential to be relevant with big news sites reporting on it a while back when it was being made, guessing it won't see the day of light, but even if it does will anybody still care?

  8. The game is ded... such a shame sigh....

    1. Ikr \: it was such an original cool idea at the time, it would have smashed, but rather than doing everything right and just finishing the game he gave up :( tragic.

  9. I checked up on this game constantly so eagerly all of last year and the year before.. I'm really disappointed too to see that there were not only no advancements but this blog was also never even further updated.. I think the game deserved more attention than that..

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. this game has been on hiatus for almost 2 years now, it deserves no attention. RIP.
      the developer has no one to blame but himself, missing out on the massive success, fanbase, and cash this title would have definitely gotten was his decision, and one can only hope he can learn from his mistakes for the future of his career, since this title has no chance of success at this point and is sadly better off dead.

  10. I've been waiting forever. The concept was so nice but well.... I wasn't tracking, but do you still intend to continue? Might have been helpful if you update the blog so everyone will know.

  11. I'm also interested in seeing more updates to this. More importantly, I'm interested in helping, but figured you wouln't be interested in suggestions and procrastonated way to long to mention a simple idea that I hope you'll find inspiring and useful: Set design!

    Basically, just have the decision process used to determine what's msot dramatic be influenced by the panel's current setting. So sad things are preffered in rain, reconciliation is more likely as clouds are breaking, etc. Some setting might even set some measure of appropriatness like horror or drama. Further, different elemnts could be present at a scene at once and act as a sort of weighting that infleunces characters, who might have their own biases that influence their behavior. For instance, clownish characters could be more cheerful but easier to kill off in certain situations, to better clear them out for the final act.

  12. I completely disagree. There's no way this project being finished would get met with "Oh, sure, I would have liked this before, but because it's late I can only accept something complately different made from scratch." Really, why would that be the case? The main reasons it makes sense for large-scale projects to fail like that is because they either get compltely broken in Development Hell like Duke Nukem forever, rely on fancy graphics that could get outdated by the time they release, or just plain run out of publisher funding.

    We're talking about a lone indie dev making a game with deliberately simplified graphics, being late with this and scrapping it for a new project have exactly the same potential to fail or florish from an audience reaction perspective because being forgotten would hurt both equally, not favor starting a new game. If anything starting yet another new game would create an iamge of lacking the dedication and attention span needed to finish a project.

    The only other problem I can think this could run into is someone else implementing the idea first, and while another new idea would have the advantage of not being public knoweldge it does seem like no one's going to try stealing Daniel's thunder unless he's obviosuly given up on the project. I know I want to take a stab at a similar idea, but until Storyteller get made or canned I don't want to to get in the way of its development by making a direct competitor to it.

  13. Meant to have the above post reply to the anonymous replier replying to Miss Meow, for some reason the reply buttons aren't working like I would want them to right now.

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