Ernesto RPG - A Side Project

First of all, I'll be straightforward: Storyteller will be put on development hold for a couple months. But it's for a good reason!

I love Storyteller, I think it's an important game and I want it to be released soon, but I've been working on it for three years now and I am starting to feel creatively numb from always dealing with the same project. There are a few important things to work out before I am able to release it, so there's no way I can rush it to completion. Storyteller still needs time and more hard work to be a great game.

It happened that recently I decided to take a week to make a small game and thus "Ernesto RPG" was born. After releasing it into the wild, I realized that there might be upsides to turning it into a tiny commercial game:

  • It will take my designer mind off of Storyteller for a while, allowing me to go back to it from a different perspective.
  • Releasing commercially means Ernesto will have to go through the same releasing pipeline that Storyteller will have to go through; by then, I will be more experienced.
  • Ernesto reminded me how I felt when I started with Storyteller. I have been in a very good mood since I started it.

Does this mean Storyteller is cancelled?

Not at all! "My Game" is still Storyteller, it's the best game I've ever made and I could not abandon it even if I tried. But I'd like to take some time off and I believe it will benefit Storyteller in the long run.

When is Storyteller development going to resume?

As soon as the heavy-duty development of Ernesto is finished. I am aiming for less than 3 months. To know when this happens, follow this blog, follow my twitter, or better yet,

(It will be updated very frequently)


  1. I played to Storyteller at AIIDE 2013, and I know it will be awesome!
    Take your time, have a break and ship us a well-polished game when you're ready, man.

  2. Played it a lot a while ago. Great game I must say, has some really interesting parts.
    I don't play it a lot now due to it little saturated me, however maybe I play it again.

    Thanks for the share!


  3. Gotta say it's really disappointing you haven't continued focusing on storyteller yet...
    I feel like it could have been out by now.

  4. sprawdz czy byles juz tutaj! jezeli nie wszystko przez toba!