Upholding the Law: The Hero

For a long time, heroes in Storyteller were the only ones able to kill (erm... execute) people outside the villain. Other than that and the right to lock up villains, they did very little.

But two new plot devices made them way more significant.

The Dungeon

This is the only setting where characters can be imprisoned. It used to be that there was a cage and you could put anybody in it, but now there must be a reason for somebody to be in a cage, or they will just stand free in the dungeon as if they were just sightseeing.

Tim's kidnap gives reason for Maria to locked in the dungeon.

With this change, multiple people can be imprisoned at once, and they can escape by showing up at a different setting
Multiple kidnaps and escapes.
But most interesting of all, is how heroes arrest people...

Reporting Criminals

In the earlier version of the game heroes had the right to lock up villains, regardless of whether they committed a crime or not, so you didn't need any buildup. Now they must somehow *think* somebody committed a crime before they are allowed to imprison them:

Hero directly witnessing villain committing a crime...
Witnesses can report to heroes.
Tim can take advantage of the heroes' naivety. This way, non-villains can be arrested!


  1. I still don't get how the whole "captions" thing works. From the .gif's, it looks like black magic.

    Daniel, quiero ser como vos cuando sea grande.

  2. Unlike Chirimoya, seing the game in action through the gif really makes it clearer.
    I am impressed how sleek the interaction looks like.

  3. Shadowrun Returns me decepciono, la verdad. Pero Storyteller parece ser exactemente lo que dice ser: Una obra de arte.

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