First Public "Make me a Story with Storyteller!"

Stortyeller is a puzzle game with levels and goals, where you need to figure out how to express particular stories using limited elements. But when the underlying story simulator is completely unleashed, it is capable of representing a vast array of story plots. One tactic for coming up with ideas for the game is to try to represent famous stories.

Chris Hecker suggested that I open up the process and let other people suggest stories, so a few days ago I launched on twitter the first "Make me a story" event. The rules were:
  • You suggest stories, along with a link to a very short summary.
  • I will pick a few, do my best to get the game simulator to express it, and publish a screenshot with the result.
  • If you suggest a summary that is adapted to the capabilities of Storyteller, chances that I'll make it go up dramatically. An example:
    Turned into:

Coming up with a way to express these stories through the game was a challenging exercise, so I can't wait to be on the other end of this game and suggest stories instead!

I will do this again soon, so if you want to play, follow

The results:

Ghost (movie), suggested by keithdkd

All of Mario games, suggested by Luigisopa

Carrie (Stephen King), suggested by Ariel Bosi

Psycho, suggested by Dave Moore and Santiago Vilar

Oldboy (Park Wook-Chan), suggested by RazielFuligin

Back to the Future (no time traveling in Storyteller yet!), suggested by Max Cáceres


  1. Eh, porque no.

    Star Wars, EP 3: Guy and girl get together, guy meets hero friend, guy suffers from madness, villain tricks guy into evil, guy and hero fight, guy losses, girl dies, guy says: 'nooooooo!'.

    Star Wars, EP 6: New hero fights guy, guy says "new hero, I am your father!", villain tries to kill new hero, new hero says "father, help me!", guy kills villain, guy becomes good, guy dies, new hero meets with friends.

    The Accursed Treasure: Dude finds gold, dude hides gold, dude dies, guy finds gold, guy hides gold, dude dies, woman finds gold, woman hides gold, woman dies...

    Mulan: Everyone mistreats mina for being a girl (unworthy), Mina defeats villain, Mina is loved/praised by everyone.

    The assasin: Woman rejects rich man, rich man pays assasin to kill woman, assasin kills woman, "assasin demands more gold for services rendered but rich man refuses to pay", assasin kills rich man and seizes gold.

  2. Have you considered introducing references to "he/she" and "him/her" instead of always using names? It might make the written text read better. Obviously if there is more than one person of the same gender, it would probably be easier to just have it refer to them by name.

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