Characters versus Roles

There is a distinction between characters and roles. Adam and Tim (character) may be heroes or a noblemen or a villains (roles). But what is the difference between Adam the hero and Tim the hero?

Each character in Storyteller has different personality traits that affect their behavior, regardless of their role:

Adam likes women, is loyal and may commit suicide...
... Whereas Tim likes women but is not loyal and is not such a bleeding heart.
Fernando doesn't care about princesses and Mina doesn't have any restrictions...

Having character traits meant that I needed to keep the cast small so it is easier to know each character by heart!
Eve, Adam, Maria, Tim, Fernando and Mina.

Weekly progress update:
  • Changed the first 7 levels of the game... Now they are a bit more (optionally) challenging and are worth revisiting later to find all the possible versions.
  • Difficulty progression is now a bit better.
  • Refactored part of the simulator that will mean improved player feedback and less bugs for me to fix.
  • Noblemen only fall for other nobles now. Being rich is not enough anymore!


  1. Si no lo hiciste deberías leer sobre la "Commedia dell'arte", una forma de teatro itinerante semi-improvisado que se basa en una serie de roles arquetípicos (Arlequín, Pantaleón, El Doctor, etc.) y situaciones creadas a partir de permutaciones de los mismos. Es la base de la que salieron por ejemplo los dibujos de Looney Tunes, o que explica la estructura de muchas situaciones de los sitcoms actuales. Tiene varios puntos de contacto con este juego y creo que podría ayudar a definir personajes (o roles) bien claros y diferenciados. Si estás en Buenos Aires no tengo problema de darte una breve introducción de café en algún momento... soy actor y programador (también de exactas).

    1. PD: Podés buscarme como Eric Londaits en Facebook.

  2. when is the full game going to release? or where i can play the demo?

    1. It will be released at the beginning of 2014, if everything goes well! I might release a demo at some point.

  3. Wait so there's only one male character that likes men, and the only bisexual is a woman? If I understand that right, I'm a little/a lot disappointed- the draw of the Storyteller version on Kongregate was that you could have a same sex romance. Is that not the case here?

    1. It's not the case, effectively. Storywise it is more interesting if characters have a preference. We all have preferences too!

      That said, the game keeps changing this aspect so I don't know how it will end up working...

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