Adam is told Eve died

Playing Storyteller is simple: just drag characters and props into frames. There aren't any properties to set, modes to activate, radial menus or anything like that. Grab and drop.

Keeping this interaction simple was always a major requisite for my design choices, but at some point I felt I needed *something* that allowed players to create abstract situations that can't happen just by placing actors. And it had to be as simple as moving actors around!

Up to that point, Storyteller already had automatic captions that are filled by the simulator to help clarify what's happening in the frames:

These captions are automatic, unmovable, and set by Storyteller's simulator.

So I was only one step away from a major mechanic in the game: Player Captions.

These captions, instead of explaining what's happening in the frame, force the actors in the frame to do something. What's fantastic about this mechanic is that text can represent the abstract ideas I wanted in the game:

NOTE: player captions float in the frame and have brown corners, unlike automatic ones.

A false rumor.
"Passage" of time.
Hate out of nowhere.
As a bonus, they are placed by simple drag and drop too, and unlike actors and props, you can use only one per story!


  1. I have no words for how much I want to play with this, haha.

  2. Diego wanted this game

  3. I worry that players might get frustrated when the simulator is unable to understand the captions they make. How will you address that?

    1. You can't *type* player captions... there's a set of available captions that adapt their text to the situation of the frame.

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