Games of 2012

Instead of making a list of "Best of 2012", I decided to make an incomplete list of games that might have flown under the radar...

Even though I played some to the end, others I only played for a while. It's good to know that it's allright to *play only until satisfied, even if the game is good*.

Being part of this year's IGF Nuovo jury, I got the chance to play several unreleased games that are great. Expect a list of the games to play in 2013!

Cart Life (freeware)
A game about people in dire economical situation that start a cart business (newspapers, hot dogs, etc.). It's hard and ruthless, but when you start figuring things out, magic happens.
Polymorphous Perversity (freeware)
A JRPG about sex. Combat is having sex. Definitely an interesting experience, even though I only played it for half an hour. NSFW or anywhere else.
Scribblenauts Unlimited (pretty expensive)
You solve puzzles by typing nouns and adjectives that materialize and interact with the world. The vast amount of objects is staggering. Also, there are some things in common between this game and Storyteller.
Don't Starve (still in beta)
A permadeath game about surviving in the wilderness, with an 18th century aesthetic. As with these kind of games, you learn over time how to increase your chances of survival. I do have a weakness for this kind of game. It's a bit too grindy.
Maldita Castilla (freeware)
A nostalgia-inducing game like Ghosts n' Goblins. Very pretty. You can also try all of Locomalito's other games while you are there.


  1. It's hard and ruthless, but when you start figuring things out, magic happens.

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